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To The Brewery

Day Four

Today is all about work (well, mainly). We start the day by taking the skytrain to Central Group - property developers.

The Central Group were very accommodating, we were all presented with morning tea and a goody bag when we arrived, this was followed by a very professional presentation in a beautiful board room....money is not hard to come by in this organisation.

The Central Group own 10 shopping centres throughout Thailand. They own 25% of leaseable retail space in Bangkok.

The group plans to move into China, India and Vietnam to continue the growth of their business.

The view from Central Group

From Central Group we take buses to Boon Rawd....aka....Singha Brewery!!


This is a very enjoyable visit. Singha is one of 3 breweries in Thailand, they procedure 500 million litres of beer per annum.

Singha produce the products shown below:

We were also given a quick run down on the brewing process:

After a short presentation we were given a tour of the brewery, unfortunately no photo's were allowed for this part of the visit. The tour was followed by beer!!!

By this time we were all thoroughly enjoying our study tour!

In the evening we all put on some nice clothes and went to Siam Niramit cultural show. This show was all about Thai arts and cultural heritage. http://www.siamniramit.com/show.php

Photo's were not allowed during the show but there is always an elephant around to take happy snaps of.

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The Work Begins

Day Three

On first day of work on the study tour we took the skytrain to meet Professor Brian Sheehan, an Australian academic living in Thailand and Hugh O'Connell, an English academic living in Thailand.

The presentation started with Hugh giving a very interesting talk about Thailand. Hugh touched on things such as the Peoples Alliance for Democracy who are protesting again the current government, the murder rate in Thailand and the weak legal system, corruption, drugs, prostitution, the royal family, the 1997 economic crash and the difficulties involved in owning a business or land in Thailand.

Hugh gave us a tour of his offices and Brian later talked to us a little more about his views on Thailand.

After this meeting we took the ferry to the Museum of Forensic Medicine. The ferry ride was interesting. The water in the river was the colour of mud. During the ferry ride I had my glimpse of the monks. On the ferry there is a special area for monks that others are not allowed to stand in. Victor told us that women are not allowed to touch monks, I assume that this was because we were dirty, evil creatures, I was later to discover it was because we were temptresses....much better! There were also some young boys wearing the orange robes of the monks, these were novices, likely to be orphans so they spent time with the monks.


There was a lot of poverty to be seen along the sides on the river (very different from our river), a lot of shanty style living.


The museum was fascinating, although I did feel a little bit ill by the time we left, some of the pictures were quite gruesome, not to mention the preserved babies, these were very sad. I can't imagine any one allowing this to be done to their children, but then, Thailand is very different from Australia.

The museum was followed by dinner and shopping at Khao San Road. I didn't enjoy Khao San Road too much, if possible it seemed even dirtier than the other areas we had been to but mainly because the vendors wouldn't barter nearly as much as the others near our hotel!!


A moment to remember at Khao San Road was the easy access to a degree from a large number of universities. We weren't able to find a Curtin degree, but there was a degree from WAIT available!


After another tuk tuk ride home I was absolutely exhausted...showing my age, so was happy to call it a night.

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Our Free Day

Day Two

0 °C

Today we did not have any study commitments, the day was ours to explore Bangkok.

Lisa, Kristy and I set off the Grand Palace only to discover that it was closed for a few hours on Sundays for a ceremony. We made good use of our time until it was open again by shopping at Central World, a HUGE shopping centre.

After shopping we made our way back to the Grand Palace. This was an amazing tour. The temple was beautiful, the photo's do not do it justice. We were able to go inside one of the temples and we sat there for a few minutes taking it all in. Unfortunately when we went to visit the temple we had not learned anything about Buddhism, this visit would have been great if I'd known what I did by the end of the tour.



That evening we all met up for dinner at a seafood restaurant at Patpong Road. This was an interesting place with lots of market stalls and go-go bars packed in together.

The highlight of my evening was the tuk tuk ride back to hotel. The open air and Asian style of driving combination made it a fun ride.


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Our Arrival

Day One

semi-overcast 0 °C

We finally arrive in Thailand. Our destination is Bangkok but we have to do a short tour of the Phuket airport before carrying on to Bangkok.

The first thing that struck me about Bangkok was all the bridges....they are everywhere.

My fellow travellers who hadn't spent a lot of time in Asia were very concerned about the driving from the airport to our hotel. Having been to several Asian countries now the driving didn't bother me at all, although the looks on the faces of the others was quite amusing!

After checking in to the hotel, The Ambassador - http://www.amtel.co.th/bangkok/, we all met up at Zanibar, across the road from the hotel, for dinner. This was quickly followed by a bit of shopping at the stalls along the street near the hotel. We were lucky enough to come across an elephant in the street soon after we started shopping and were able to feed it, for a price of course. This was a great introduction to Bangkok.

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