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Day 9

After 2 hours sleep it was time to get up again and make our way to the airport.

It has been a fabulous trip but I am happy to be going home. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jayden, sleeping and getting back to a normal routine.

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Koh Larn

Day 8


Today was our last day to enjoy Thailand so we went over to Koh Larn Island.

It was a bumpy ride over by speed boat with a few people suffering from the previous evening made even worse by the roughness.


Unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal for a day on the island, it was quite windy and not overly hot. Still the idea of relaxing by the beach was very appealing.

After a manicure and a few hours on the island we decided to leave a little bit earlier than intended.


Once back in Pattaya we stopped in at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital to pick up Katherine who had been in hospital for the last two days with food poisoning and head back to Bangkok.

We then met up for dinner at Zanibar, the same restaurant that we went to on our first night, for our last group meal.

After dinner I was able to get in a little bit more shopping done just to weigh down my suitcase a bit more.

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Our Last Day of Work

Day 7

-17 °C

Today is our last day of lectures and company visits. Although I have enjoyed them all I am glad because it has been very tiring.

We start the day with a lecture at Asian University. The lecture topic was "Cross Cultural Behaviour". This was another interesting lecture, although it may have been better to hear this earlier on in the study tour. We were told all about Thai society and how polite they were, how outward appearance is very important, they love to be part of a group so love uniforms, Thai's avoid confrontation, th eir common goal is social harmony. This is very different from the presentation given by Hugh O'Connell on our first day.

In the afternoon we move on to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital...more like a hotel.

This was a very interesting tour, we were given a very informative presentation where we were told that referrals weren't necessary in this hospital, in fact waiting wasn't necessary either, you could see a doctor within 10 minutes, they were just in their offices waiting for patients to knock on their doors!

They have 101 full time specialists and 30 full time dentists on staff. Most of the doctors are Thai as it is hard for foreign doctors to get a licence as the test is in Thai.

Some of the hospitals guests in 2007 were:
1.5m Thai's
890,000 Russians
Nearly 70,000 Australians

For anyone who is interested....a breast enhancement will set you back 120,000 Thai Baht = A$4,026

This hotel was beautiful, I've never stayed in a hotel that is as fancy as this hotel, see pictures below:



Then on to our last visit, the Amari Hotel. This hotel was lovely, unfortunately we didn't learn too much on this visit though. Dr Vip has a share in the hotel which I think was the reason for our visit, unfortunately our presenter wasn't given the opportunity to give us too much information as Dr Vip wanted to talk.





Dr Vip then took us all to dinner at Henry J Bean's which was followed by a couple of hours of free time to explore Pattaya.


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Day 6

This day started really early with a trip out to the local temple where we were able to give alms to the monks.

I knew nothing about buddhism before this trip but now have a little bit of knowledge and feel quite lucky to have been able to go along and give them food as this isn't something that too many tourists would be able to experience.

I wasn't aware before this trip that monks aren't supposed to cook and have to rely on locals to bring them food each day. There was a great selection given to them and they had to put all the food into one large bowl and eat it all together...so that they didn't enjoy it too much!


The work portion of the day started with a lecture at Asian University given by the President Dr Vip. Dr Vip's lecture was on "Management through the understanding of Buddhist and other Oriental Philosophies". This was an interesting lecture which focused mainly on management theories.


In the afternoon we all boarded the bus and went to the Ford/Mazda factory. For safety reasons we had to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and closed in shoes. Even the airconditioned bus was too hot in this getup.

A representative of the factory gave us a presentation, unfortunately I did not understand anything she was saying, I did wonder what language she was speaking. She then gave us a tour of the factory, I still didn't understand what she was saying but it didn't matter, it was a very interesting tour...although very hot.

At this stage of the study tour we were all very tired, although there was optional Thai Boxing class that we could attend that I was very keen on I opted to take 2 hours to relax and read a book.

That evening the Thai students and staff put together a presentation for us. It was very well done and included Thai culture with an explanation of the wai, language, schooling, food, traditional Thai dance, the King's anthem.


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To Asian University - Chonburi

Day Five

Today we travel to Asian University in Chonburi, approximately 30 kilometres from Pattaya, where we are to stay for the next four days.

Asian University is privately owned by Dr Viphandh Roengpithya (Dr Vip). The university is located quite a way from anywhere so students who study here also board here.

This was my first "student accommodation" experience. I didn't mind it for 4 days, not sure if I could have coped for a semester though.

On the way Asian University we made a few stops.

The first was at Laem Chabang Port Authority where we were given a presentation. Unfortunately the presentation was not overly informative, we were able to go up to the top of the observation tower for a great view of the port though:


We then moved on to Nong Nooch Gardens where we ate lunch together, enjoyed the gardens and watched a cultural show followed by an elephant show.


These gardens were lovely, lots of bushes in the shape of elephants and of course "Long Live the King"


The elephant show was very entertaining although I hate to think what they do to these animals to get them to play soccer, basketball, ten pin bowling etc.

From the gardens we went to ride on elephants. We all had 20 minutes up on an elephant...this was possibly one of my favourite moments of the study tour, it was fantastic. At one point the guy controlling the elephant jumped down to take our picture, I must say this worried me a lot...fortunately the elephant didn't wander off with us still on its back!!


We then moved into the student accommodation at Asian University. We were very happy to discover that each room had its own bathroom but were soon disappointed to realise that there was no hot water to any of these rooms, luckily it was hot!

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